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What is health?

The term health refers to the complete well-being of the body and the mind and social well-being, this definition is based on the WHO (world health organization). Health maintenance aims to keep up this steady state of emotions and body that would ultimately lead to good health. In the older definition, social well-being is also considered important as a healthy individual not only spread positive vibes for himself but also the people living around him. Thus, health is an important factor for the building of a progressive society.

In the modern era, the above-mentioned definition of health is further complemented by the earth’s well-being. According to study health of humans is co-related with the health of various earth’s systems and biodiversity. [Source]


Health categories

Human health can be categorized into two types:

Physical health: Physical health is assessed on a scale ranging from severe disability to high energy levels without the presence of chronic diseases or disorders. The “ridit,” which determines where each person falls on the spectrum, can be averaged for group comparisons and corrected for variances in age and sex. [Source]

Mental health: As indicated by the United States Branch of Health and Human Services, emotional wellness refers to an individual’s emotional, social, and mental flourishing. Emotional wellness is as important as actual well-being as a feature of a complete and dynamic lifestyle.

Describing emotional well-being is more serious than actual well-being because many mental outcomes depend on an individual view of their experience. Great emotional well-being is not only related to lack of depression, stress, or any other problem.

Benefits of good mental health

Good mental and emotional conditions give an insight into organized views, and actual prosperity and mental health are correlated with bodily health itself. Scientists made an investigation that revealed the linking of great feelings and good health; creators consider some lines of a few of links are mentioned below:

  • (a) The immediate effects of good influence on physiology, in particular the defense system of the human body. [Source]
  • (b) Mental and physiological actions will be improved by positive emotions.
  • (c) Behaviors that can stimulate important welfare practices also have a connection with mental health. [Source]

How to maintain health?

  • Nutrition: Take a variety of nutritional foods rich in various bio-elements sources. Your daily food choice should include a balance of good carbohydrates, protein, organic products, vegetables, and dairy products.
  • Eat moderate portions: If the portion sizes are kept moderate and reasonable, it is easier to eat what you need and to maintain a proper, modified diet. What is the moderate part? A medium-sized piece of the natural product is one serving. A total number of 8 grapes indicate one serving per person, similarly, a cup of yogurt is also a serving
  • Try not to skip meals: Skipping dinner can stir up a crazy appetite and oftentimes lead to binges. Eating between regular meals can help if you’re in a hurry. Simply make sure you get something like two adjusted dinners.
  • Try not to avoid certain types of food: Since our bodies require diverse nutrition, it is a bad concept to eliminate salt, fat, and sugar from our eating regimes, unless a clinical expert tells you to. Choosing better options, for example, fat-free or low-fat dairy products will help you maintain a reasonable eating routine. Food sources are not fortunate or unfortunate. It’s all about serving control!

More Ways To Maintain Health

  • Drink water: Avoid colas and other sweet sodas, which can pack up to 17 teaspoons of sugar per 20-ounce drink. Sugar is a source of empty calories that can pass through important nutrients and minerals in your body. Not only does water help with hydration, but it supports blood flow and flushes toxins out of our bodies, and is in the guideline for our internal heat levels.
  • Stay away from an excessive amount of caffeine: Caffeine is a somewhat habit-inducing drug that can affect your ability to rest and focus while also affecting large abilities such as muscle work and the purification of byproducts.

Conditions that disturb health

Medical conditions: Various chronic or acute types of diseases destroy well-being; furthermore, various infections may destroy health.

Poor living style: Health is also related to what a person eats drinks and how hygiene his living conditions are? Tuberculosis that we normally called as TB is a lung disease and its major contributing factor is poor living conditions.

Environment: We can also say that environment also influences the health of humans as people living in clean remote areas are healthier as compared to the people living in urban and congested areas.

Disturbance in relaxes state:  Disturbance in relaxes state i.e stress also damages well-being.

Mental disorders: These include sleep disorders and other physiological disorders.

Can stress lead to health disturbance?

Yes, stress is a major contributor to the various ailments, stress can cause disturbance in sleep patterns, may fluctuate the blood pressure from a normal range of 120\80 mm Hg and can cause many heart and other diseases. Thus, it ultimately damages health. And the person suffering from this problem cannot work properly also has to suffer from social challenges that would further enhance the stress disorder.

Health and junk food

  • Low-quality nutrition is used to depict food and supplements that are low (eg nutrients, minerals, fiber) and high in kilojoules, soaked fats, added sugar, or potentially added salt. They are otherwise called optional additions.
  • Consistently eating low-quality foods can increase the risk of developing serious and persistent diseases such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver infection, and a few malignancies. Eating a lot of low-quality foods is associated with real wellness problems.
  • Junk foods are not an essential part of any eating routine. Most cheap foods, including drinks and sides, are stacked with carbs with virtually no fiber. In any case, eating high amounts of carbohydrates now and then can increase the risk of insulin blockage, type 2 diabetes, and weight gain.

Do health and wealth share a connection?

When well-being is lacking … richness becomes vain,” the ancient Greek physician Herophilus once said extensively. As justified from the above statement if a person is healthy he is capable of doing more hard work as compared to a person suffering from any disease. A diseased person does not have enough energy and ability to work in extreme conditions furthermore a healthy person is free from any type of health problems.

Various ways to maintain health

Various ways can help you to maintain balanced well-being:

  • Always eat a balanced diet.
  • Do a daily morning walk.
  • Eat an apple daily.
  • Drink lemon water daily.
  • Maintain a daily routine which should have an excise activity.
  • Take a nap of 6-8 hours daily.
  • Do not take supplements.

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