coronavirus vaccines

Coronavirus vaccines types, their pros and cons

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What are coronavirus vaccines?

Vaccination is a direct, safe, and powerful way to protect you from harmful diseases before you come into contact with them. It uses your body’s normal defense system to build up protection from overt contamination and makes your safe frame more grounded. Coronavirus vaccines work in the same way.

coronavirus vaccines

Coronavirus vaccines are the vaccines that are specifically made against coronavirus disease i.e. these vaccines will safeguard us from the attack of COVID-19 disease.

Working of coronavirus vaccines

Actually, vaccines are dead or weakened germs that are entered into the human body through various methods such as oral or injections. These dead viruses are used as models so our immune system remembers them and if they attack in the future, the immune system must remember how to combat them.

Typically T-cells and B-cells of the immune system are meant to remember the germs. When we got vaccinated, then it will take a few days to 14 days to show the signs of coronavirus disease as our body is remembering these viruses.

Symptoms of coronavirus vaccines being working

These are the few symptoms that will be shown within few days or 14 days after the vaccination:

  • body aches
  • feverĀ 
  • cough

Various types of COVID-19 vaccines

Almost 11 coronavirus vaccines are available in the market and all are FDA approved. These vaccines are based on these three things:

mRNA-based vaccines: These coronavirus vaccines contain genomic pieces from the virus, these mRNA pieces are specifically from the COVID-19 virus that codes such proteins which are not toxic. Our natural immune system after seeing these proteins starts making T and B memory cells that make antibodies to kill these virus proteins. Thus our immune system remembers them for the future.

Coat protein-based vaccines: The coat protein-based vaccines contains the outside covering of the virus i.e. the harmful genomic part of the virus is removed. These proteins are not toxic and after vaccination, our body remembers (T and B cell) these proteins and know that these are invaders protein so they must be killed.

Vector vaccines: These coronavirus vaccines are made in such a way that the genomic material of COVID-19 is inserted inside the covering of another virus (vector). When this altered virus is entered into the human body, then genomic material starts to make proteins that are specific to the COVID-19 virus. Thus our T and B cells remember these proteins for the future fight.

Vaccines against COVID-19 disease

  • Pfizer
  • Moderna
  • Sinovac
  • Sinopharm
  • Johnson and Johnson’s Jassen
  • Sputnik V
  • Covishield
  • Convidecia
  • Abdala
  • Zifivax
  • EpiVacCorona
  • ZyCoV-D

Myths of coronavirus vaccines

Myths like death and disease conception and other health problems from COVID-19 vaccines are not true. These vaccines are approved by the FDA and are effective, safe, and free from any side effects.

Pros of COVID-19 vaccination

  • These vaccines are FDA approves which means they are totally safe.
  • These are effective without any adverse health complications.
  • If you are vaccinated that means you are immune to COVID-19 disease.
  • You will gain immunity and can move freely in public.

Cons of COVID-19 vaccination

The chances of adverse side effects of the coronavirus vaccine are extremely low. You can have a mild fever, cough, body aches, all of these symptoms are temporary and you will heal from them in a few days. Pain at the site of injection can happen and this is also temporary.




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